New Website Design 2014

new jaebone design

What’s up everybody?  If you are still waiting around for me to come back to the music scene with new material then you’re finally in luck.  I have been building an empire in the last 2 years to set myself up financially to do this music thing with all of focus and effort, and most importantly, independently without the need for a label.   In two short years I’ve managed to go from 0 to 100 real quick and I’m good to go now.   Now I’m redesigning my website and getting things ready online to prepare for my new mixtape dropping sometime in November.   Make sure to stay up with me and check back for more!

In the meantime, check out a preview of what’s to come:


Jaebone – “Remember” ft. Kanessa & Dub The Villain

Before you do something stupid or go back down a dark path, make sure to play this song so you can “Remember” why not to go that route… #remember

Jaebone – “One Day” – Free Download

This is a deep song about where we are at as a society in hopes that one day we may put aside our differences and work together to reach peace, but we’ve got a long way to go.

Jaebone – “Brand New Boss” – Free Download

This is a bass heavy new rap song for anyone feeling like a boss.  Turn it up loud! #bosslyfe

Jaebone – “Concrete Floor” – Free Download

The return of real, conscious, hip-hop with a purpose and a message.  #watchforthecops

Jaebone – “Monsters” – New Conspiracy Song 2014

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